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11 likes of BeenaKannan, other than business

👤Lakshmi Narayanan 🕔14/9/2015
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Meet BeenaKannan, the unrivalled queen of the textile vusiness, who made the brand Seematti a household name and proved that where there is a will, there are no hurdles in the entrepreneurial journey of a woman. Beena Kannan placed her brand much above the rival brands in the highly competitive market with her challenging approach and new outlook towards business. The success journey of BeenaKannan and Seematti  are widely accepted as a lesson for wome n entrepreneurs. No doubt, she is a role model. But BeenaKannan is more than the successful CEO of Seematti. Future Woman here unravels her 11 likes in her non-business life that made her the ‘Queen of Silks.

       When the day  dawns for BeenaKannan

I wake up at 6 in the morning, spend about 2 hours for yoga, meditation and gym. Never skip breakfast, will be active with business matters by 9 am. Official hours  are strictly  devoted to business and business development activities. Evenings are definitely for the family. Being busy with business development activities, the sleeping time varies accordingly

5 things that she loves most in free times

Gym, travel, playing with kids, music and movies

3.    Love for travelling

Travelling  is not a pastime hobby for me. I enjoy both business and leisure trips. Explored almost all the countries in the world, Europe and New Zealand remain favourite destinations.

4.    Food habits

I am vegetarian by nature, likesouth Indian dishes.Whenever  Iget time,  I cook special south Indian verities. But, when travellingabroad, I enjoy all food styles. Love to have cakes and pastries occasionally and love to prepare  them for friends and family

5.    Love for gadgets

Update with the latest trends in mobiles and other gadgets. I useiphone 6 plus and Samsung.  I am active in whats app and it helps to dealwith people easily.

6.    Love for perfumes

Yes, really a lover of perfumes, but don’t like hard smells.  I always like fruity perfumes with  amild and moderate smell. No crazefor any special brands, love all leading brands.

7.    Craze for driving

Yes, love to drive a lot. Usually likeself driving  duringinterstate journey.. Benz and Audi are favourite brands. I have also a passion for BMW, but not buying one, only because it doesn’t have a spare wheel,  as I used to travel a lot in many remote areas for business

8.    From a customer’s view, what attracts  her to Seematti?

Of course, the large collection and wide variety of dresses and dress materials.I am sure that, I can bring all the verities, to Seematti that is available under the sun. And I used to do that for the customers  for the last 30 years.


Love to watch movies and a fan of good movies. Recently watched films like Premam and Bahubali. Both are good movies and I enjoyed  them a lot. I like NivinPauly as an actor.

10. Dressing up

I love to wear sarees.According to me, it makes a woman confident and beautiful. I used to design sarees according to my own creativity.  I wearsalwars for normal days and love to wear all kinds of dresses that suit my body.   

11. Best advice for fellow beings

We are nothing in this big universe. We are here to experience the universe and come and go with  nothing in hand. Always  try to be happy, truthful and thankful to the world in which we live in. Don’t expect too much and don’t give up hope after bad experience. Stay bold and strong

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