Future Woman
Future Woman


  • Gifting happiness and cheer

    New in the city of Coimbatore, Sapna Koshy, mother of young Mellisa Angel, was not at all ready to leave her baby in a day care for a job. Neither was she ready to simply sit at home and do the daily chores. Creativity being her forte, she spent her leisure time making wonderful flowers and decorations. Emboldened with the support of her mother-in-law, Sapna opened The Golden Wrap. Sapna Koshy is today a successful business woman, making customised gift hampers filled with assorted gifts, ... Read more
  • An Entrepreneur with a difference

    Lakshmi Menon, a woman with so many qualities rolled into one, is an entrepreneur with a difference. She is a designer, par excellence, in interior designing, jewellery, clay pot and handicraft items. Above all, she believes whatever she does should benefit fellow human beings and society at large. ... Read more
  • Talk of the town

    Who does not like good food made at home by mother? The answer is simple. Nobody. Yummy Kitchen’ is an innovative enterprise by a bored housewife for those who love home-made good food in Kochi. Nandini Das Kammath talks about her venture and how it became talk of the town ... Read more
  • A trailblazer, indeed!

    Diwia Thomas is a different person altogether. She thinks out of the box and does things others call crazy, which help the needy earn a livelihood. Her Papertrail, which makes paper bags, is a model project that empowers wom ... Read more