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Healthy Diet

  • Nutrition needs of every women

    A healthy diet is an important part of being a healthy and happy woman. It improves her productivity and helps her feel and look her best A look at the nutrition needs of every woman ... Read more
  • Five healthy Jams

    Blueberry jam Ingredients: 300 gm frozen or fresh blueberries, 1 tablespoon honey or a little stevia to sweeten juice from Ĺ lemon, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or paste, 1 Ĺ tablespoons ground or whole chia seed ... Read more
  • Weight Loss

    Start a meal with a cup of soup and you may end up eating less. It doesnít matter if the soup is chunky or pureed, as long as itís broth- based. ... Read more
  • ABCD of the popular summer fruit

    Some people avoid watermelon because they assume that it has high levels of sugar. However, the sweet red-fleshed fruit is found to be associated with a wide range of benefits. Its therapeutic properties include ability to improve male potency, prevent cardiovascular disease and relieve muscle soreness ... Read more
  • Foods to cut down extra flab

    Belly fat is always a problem tormenting many people who crave to shed that extra flab. The only way to fight the waist flab is to have a healthy life. Here are some foods which help you keep away from the belly fat and give you a healthy toned body ... Read more
  • Oats soup ideal for all

    Oats soup is simple to make and serves as a healthy meal. The soup can be served with a slice of bread or as an appetizer. It is good for people of all ages and for patients ... Read more
  • Dietary guidelines

    While recommending an appropriate diet, Tibetan physicians consider which types of food are harmful and which might be beneficial, the amount of food to be eaten, the number of meals per day and the proper meal times. Food is analysed based on its qualities and nature as defined by a five-element theory. All of the materials which make up our universe are ... Read more
  • 10 heart-healthy foods

    Do you have a resolution for 2013 to eat healthy, and then taking care of your heart is a must as heart disease is a leading cause of death in many cases. Here are 10 heart-healthy common foods you can include in your daily diet to prevent heart problems ... Read more