‘Dubai Will Become Medical Hub Of Middle East’

Prashob K P | 10-October-2013

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With the booming economy, the healthcare sector in Dubai is all set to transform into the medical hub of the Middle East. In an Interview with Future Medicine, Dr Hayder Al Zubaidy, CEO, Canadian Specialist Hospital, talks about the potential of the healthcare sector of the country and the future plans of CSH

By Prashob K P

The UAE economy is booming. How is it linked to the healthcare sector?  

The economy is booming and the healthcare sector has its share in the growth. Look at the market 10 years back and look at the market today. There is 100 per cent growth in the case of hospitals. We have the privilege of big groups joining this market and investors from outside. We have the support from the government. I think the healthcare sector is booming with the economy. For example, you can see every hospital in Dubai starting at least one more project somewhere in Dubai which indicates success and growth of their business. 

How can Canadian Specialist Hospital find a unique place in this market?

There is a big competition in the healthcare market. But usually, healthcare is not much concerned with the financial profit. In the end of the day, we value the services provided to patients, the mortality rate, the morbidity rate, availability of the specialties and the number of beds occupancy. You have to prove yourself as a quality provider in the market. 

Healthcare provider has to address the needs of all strata of society. How can you provide quality healthcare at affordable rates?

This is very critical especially for the healthcare market. You know the cost of running a healthcare institution in Dubai. It is very hard to run a hospital by providing quality healthcare at affordable rates. Compared to other international markets, healthcare cost is much less here.    

New lifestyle increases diseases like obesity, diabetes etc. What are the steps taken by CSH on preventative medicine? 

I have already mentioned that we are competing by quality. Since we are not a profitable organisation and are considering values, it is our policy to make a health conscious society. Two years back, we started a project called ‘Health is your performance’ and we visited each and every government organisation and conducted free health checkups. We also provided lectures and medical advice depending on the needs of the organisation.  

Dubai Expo 2020 is around the corner. Are you expecting much benefits from this expo for healthcare organisations?

As I said that we are a part of the economy. So, whatever growth Dubai achieves, the healthcare sector will have its share in it. 

What are the prime challenges faced by the private healthcare sector in UAE?

Success is a long process and we had to face many difficulties before reaching this position. Our healthcare system has not matured yet. For instance, the insurance schemes are yet to take off in the company.  
Do you have any expansion plans? 

The owner of the hospital loves to serve his country. He directs us to raise the graph of healthcare services to society. Every year, he gives us some highlights and guides us to serve the people with quality care. At present, we have a project in Dubai that will be one of the biggest healthcare projects in the Middle East. It may take at least five years to complete the project. 

As a major player in the healthcare sector, how can Dubai develop as the healthcare hub of the Middle East?

Dubai is the hub of Middle East. Emerging as a hub in the healthcare sector is really a challenge. Health issues can occur in every nook and corner of the country and the healthcare sector has to meet their needs. For this, all public networks should be connected because it’s a country project and it’s not a hospital project. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has emphasised that Dubai should be the hub for medical tourism. Looking that we have been telling at various conferences across the world that Dubai is able to become the medical tourism hub.

Canadian Specialist Hospital

Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) is the largest private acute-care tertiary healthcare provider in Dubai. It is strategically located in Deira near Dubai International Airport, between Dubai Police Headquarters and Dubai Hospital, with ideal proximity for patients in Dubai and from Northern Emirates. Because of the facilities like 24-hour emergency and ambulance services backed by highly sophisticated diagnostics and pharmacy, CSH is the most preferred hospital by well-known physicians in and out of Dubai.

The nine-storey hospital with 200 beds has six operation theatres and state-of-the-art critical and high dependency units (ICU/CCU/NICU) that are supported by highly professional and experienced staff. The Ambulatory Clinics offer multi-specialties and an ambience suitable for patients and visitors. Additionally, advanced services such as rehabilitation and dialysis facilitate an array of treatments under one roof, making CSH the ideal healthcare destination in Dubai. 

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