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👤Vaidyamadham Dr.V N VasudevanNamboodiri 🕔19/9/2015
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Climate, with its predictable pattern has a highly influential role in maintaining the wellbeing of the world. The very existence of humans and other beings rely heavily on this natural phenomenon. A look at some of the diseases in the monsoon season that affect women and the Ayurvedic remedies

Ayurveda describes six seasons although for descriptive purposes three among them are chiefly considered, viz., rainy season, summer  and winter.

In Kerala, monsoon, the rainy season, manifests in two phases. First phase is popularly known as Edavappaati, and starts at the end of May and lasts till September. The second phase known asTulaavarsham occurs in October.

When we observe the plants and trees over different seasons, it is evident that they pass through a series of changes accordingly. It has been demonstrated in humans that changes in climate is associated with changes in birth rates, and sperm counts, with outbreaks of pneumonia, influenza and bronchitis, and is related to other morbidity effects linked to pollen concentrations and high pollution levels.

Physiologic considerations

Women possess a higher skin temperature to core temperature gradient, suggesting that they are better able to maintain a higher body core temperature during periods of cold stress. Although women are less susceptible to hypothermia, they appear to be more susceptible to peripheral cold injuries such as frostbite.Age appears to have an even greater impact upon hypothermia sensitivity than gender, and the elderly women and men display the highest mortality rates of all groups.

Vasoconstriction and shivering, two primary cold adaptive measures, appear to be reduced in many elderly persons. In addition, humidity affects human comfort, and the perceived temperature by humans is largely dependent upon atmospheric moisture content. Also, there is a monthly variation that is affected by the menstrual cyclein women. During the latter two weeks of their menstrual cycle, the increase in progesterone causes a 1F rise in basal body temperature.

Ayurveda considers women as weaker in physical attributes in comparison to men. This gender variation is also influenced in addition by Prakriti of each individual.


Skin care is one major focus in rainy season due to changes in humidity leading to increased susceptibility to skin diseases. Keeping skin dry and clean should be attempted. Green gram powder and Besan flour are ideal for these purposes. Use of chemical soaps is not advisable.

Exposure to water in excess both internally and externally may lead to various illnesses as there is more chance for contamination. Different fevers, respiratory illnesses, gastro-intestinal diseases are resultant of use of contaminated water.

Vector-born diseases are another important concern especially their incidence increases in this season. Apart from personal hygiene, community hygiene also should be taken care of.

Diet modifications should be made as the digestive capacity is reduced during this season. Boiled old rice has to be preferred. Leafy vegetables are advisable in this season with the exception of MoringaOliferaleaves in the month of Karkitadakam.Non-vegetarians should avoid sea food and prefer meat of animals from dryland. Soups prepared from green gram and horse gram are ideal in this season.

A combination of whey water (supernatant portion of curd) along with Panchakolapowder as a drink improves digestion and immunity. Boiled or medicated water has to be used for drinking purposes.

In case of mild health impacts, the following remedies are suggested:

1) Vomiting &diarrhoea

Hot rice gruel (prepared from broken rice) along with salt; vilvadigulikawith ginger juice thrice daily.

 2) Skin lesions in feet and toes

Wash with warm water and apply satadhoutaghritham,

3) Pimples

Frequent washing with warm water and cleaning with dry towel.


(The author is  Physician& Partner, Vaidyamadham Vaidyasala & Nursing Home,Mezhathur)

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