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Gifting happiness and cheer

👤Remya Nair 🕔29/7/2015
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How did you come up with an idea like Golden Wrap? What was the inspiration behind this somewhat unique idea?

Three years ago, when we decided to move to a new city, I only knew that I had to do something to keep myself occupied. I did my research on what kind of a small scale business I could do from home as my baby was hardly a year old at that time, and I needed to be at home with her.
As a child I used to have many creative hobbies like crafting, painting, making scrap books etc.
 I realized that there weren’t many people doing gift hampers, and a gift is something you need for every occasion.... and thus formed The Golden Wrap

What are your products? Can you please explain your work strategy?
I cater to a wide range of products like customised gift hampers , return gifts for birthdays/weddings and other functions,  surprise gifts, chocolate bouquets, homemade chocolates, party hampers  etc.
I want to make unique gifts to spread happiness and cheer to both the sender and receiver of the gifts on their special occasion, so I try my best to work around the clients’ budget, thus making it affordable to everyone. I speak to all my clients and learn what their expectations are and then tailor make the gifts for them.Most of my products are custom made, I only make them as per the order.

What were the challenges you faced in establishing yourself as a successful entrepreneur?

Like I mentioned earlier, when I started this venture, I was in a new city with absolutely nobody I knew to help me out with my taking care of the baby, the regular chores at home or even locating the right shops or suppliers for my raw materials.
Thanks to internet and social media groups, it took me only few weeks to identify the right places in and around Coimbatore to source the materials  and establish contact with vendors.
I joined up many groups to market my ideas, and since it was something different from what you get over the counter in most shops, people liked my work.
Everyday I deal with new kind of requests, new clients, and  I keep learning from such experiences each day

How well did your family support your endeavour? 

I must say, this venture would not have been successful if it weren’t for the complete support of my husband. He helps with the marketing of products and procuring the of raw materials. He is also my biggest critic, which helps me to improve my work.
My daughter has seen me doing this at a very young age and now she helps me with small errands like cutting ribbons, looping them in the hole on the tags, sticking logo stickers, wrapping and counting chocolates.
What are your future plans?

We have plans for custom coursework at this point of time. We would have specific gift products, which would be marketed across various e-commerce portals shortly , and is in talks with various portals. In the long run, we will focus on expanding the business model, without compromising on quality.

If we ask  you to make a review of your life as a housewife and entrepreneur, how will you explain that?

In one word, it’s a roller-coaster ride, which I enjoy to the fullest . Working from home, at my timings, helps me to manage house, earn income, and am able to spend times with my family

Your family.

Husband, Reuben Varghese working in the Human Resources area and  daughter Melissa Angel Reuben , studying in kindergarten .

Your advice to aspiring young woman entrepreneurs

I wouldn’t say it is an easy ride, but nothing is unachievable or impossible. Follow your dreams, aspire to be the best , aim for the stars, plan well, research the market on the areas you want to start you business in, implement your plans , review and never procrastinate. A captain is not judged by how he fares, when the ship is at port, but by how he handles the ship during a storm. So if you are planning to be an entrepreneur, let today be your first day at work. Keep working towards your goals, and never settle for anything less.


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