Future Woman
Future Woman


  • Susanís children

    When Jyothish was born a differently abled child, it was a great shock for his parents. But his mother Susan Mathew took it as a challenge to bring him up as a normal child, and also opened a school for a 100 such children. She talks to Jeena Jacob about the joy of preparing them for a normal life. ... Read more
  • Mother of ideas

    Lakshmi Menon, a woman with so many qualities rolled into one, is an entrepreneur with a difference. She is a designer, par excellence, in interior designing, jewellery, clay pot and handicraft items. Above all, she believes whatever she does should benefit fellow human beings and society at large. ... Read more
  • ĎMy ambition was IAS from class oneí

    Dr. Divya S. Iyer is a 2014-batch IAS officer, who now serves as Assistant Collector of Kottayam district. In a short span of time in service, she proved herself a diligent officer, who is committed to her job and the society. Dr.Divya shares her secrets of success with Future Woman. ... Read more
  • ĎPlease donít forget to smile, if we meet againí

    ĎPlease donít forget to smile, if we meet againí Campus romance has been a very sensitive subject ever since people started going to schools and colleges. No parents would allow this as they think falling in love with someone when you are still studying is detrimental and will affect the studies and life later. But is it that bad as they think? ... Read more
  • Injuries And Prevention

    If young athletes donít take appropriate measures, they can end up in pain, on a different path to poor health, due to avoidable sport injury ... Read more
  • Medcare Launches Centre-of-Excellence for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Dubai

    Medcare, a leading premium private medical provider in the UAE has launched the Medcare Physio and Rehab Centre, a state-of-the-art Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre-of-excellence, in the Emirate of Dubai. The facility has been set up to compliment and support Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital and with the aim to offer comprehensive Physiotherapy, fully-fledged Rehabilitation Program, Sports Injury Care, Advanced Joint Care, Post Operative Assessment and Mobility. It also additionally ... Read more
  • Does your job pose hazards to your sleep?

    Long work hours as well as shift job are sure to affect oneís health, particularly sleep, as is evident from various researches in the area. So itís time to have a closer look at sleep routine and work hours in your life ... Read more
  • Right contact lenses

    There are different types of contact lenses, including the disposable ones, in the market. A user should know which is good and which is not... ... Read more
  • Pep up your sexual life to avoid marital discord

    ďFed up... canít tolerate any more. It wasnít like anything Iíd ever imagine, six years and four months...Iím a man with flesh and blood, emotions....NO SEX!Ē John boiled with anger and frustration while Julie blushed, gazing down with guilt and shame. Referred from the family court, both of them were in front of the doctor. ... Read more
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