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  • Health Tips

    Get rid of backache Backache is very common among people of all ages and gender across the world. It happens mainly because of poor diet and bad posture. It occurs when the flexibility of the spine is affected. Also, it can be the result of a spinal disc problem, injury to the ligaments around the spine, nerves emerging from the spinal cord, injury to muscles of the back, or diseases of the organs of the pelvis. ... Read more
  • Health Fruit

    A wholesome fruit Banana is one fruit which is available across the world all the seasons and loved by all. It is not only cheap, but is also delicious and highly nutritious. A look at its health benefits ... Read more
  • Social Health

    It can be tempting to rack up hours at work, especially if you're trying to earn a promotion, manage an ever-increasing workload or simply keep your head above water. If you spend most of your time at work, your home life will take a hit ... Read more
  • Beauty Tips

    Your face looks back at you from the mirror...does it look dry or oily or listless, or does it look glowing and radiant? This depends on how you take care of your face. Start by giving yourself 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at bedtime. ... Read more
  • Health Fruit

    Apricot fruits are immensely beneficial for all- from babies to the aged – in various ways. The fruit can also protect against diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and asthma ... Read more
  • Palliative Care

    My father has advanced cancer in his liver. Two reputed oncologists have seen him. They feel he needs to have palliative care now. But he keeps going from doctor to doctor. Finally, one doctor in another city told him that a liver transplantation is a possibility. Now he wants to go there. He is really not in a condition to travel. When we tried to reason with him, he got angry and claimed that we were reluctant to spend money on his treatment ... Read more
  • Lethargy

    My seven-year-old son is studying in the 2nd standard. His school has reopened after the summer vacation, but he is now least interested in going to school and always makes excuses to avoid study/homework. I’m very much worried about his lack of interest in study ... Read more
  • Stomach pain

    I have pain in my right side of the stomach sometimes. I have also got pain when I eat something. Is this because of any abdominal problem? Please give me a medical advice ... Read more
  • He came back from the brink

    A new column– From the Surgeon’s Diary- is introduced with this issue of Future Medicine. It could be a medically significant incident in the life of a surgeon, be it a unique surgery or the survival of a patient against all odds. It could also be an eye-opener to all of us as the instances described here by the surgeons are about the endearing faith and undying human spirit as well as remarkable skills of surgeons/caretakers. ... Read more
  • Irritable and angry

    Diagnosed to have cancer, my husband underwent treatment and is now reasonably well, yet we all worry that the disease may come back any time. Our present major concern is that he is always angry and snaps at me and my children all the time ... Read more
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