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  • Irregular periods

    Dear doctor, I am a 25-year-old having very irregular periods. My marriage date is fast approaching. I am concerned about this problem. ... Read more
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    I am a 42-year-old lady living in Chennai. I have been suffering from recurrent numbness and tingling of the middle, index and thumb of my right hand. ... Read more
  • Thalassemia

    Dear doctor, We have been married for 12 years and have a child affected with a blood disorder, Thalassemia. Our child undergoes frequent blood transfusions ... Read more
  • Stomach Pain

    I have pain in my right side of the stomach sometimes. I have also got pain when I eat something. Is this because of any abdominal problem? Please give me a medical advice. Tharanath , Mahi ... Read more
  • Severe headache

    I am a 45-year-old lady, working as a receptionist. I always get severe throbbing headache especially on my forehead which lasts for a long time. I also feel to vomit. This problem has been with me for a long time. I have consulted many doctors, taken different medications, but they provide only temporary relief. CT scan of the head was done and reported as normal. This problem is really affecting my work and forcing me to take leave often. Why do I have this problem and what can I do to get rid ... Read more
  • Chronic pain of fibromyalgia

    Dear Doctor Iím a 44 year old lady..I have been having recurrent pain over back, neck and shoulder for a long time . There is also tingling sensation over feet, thigh and hands. I donít feel any weakness but this sensations prevent me from doing my work properly,Ö I even canít sleep properly on many days. I have consulted many doctors. Even an MRI of spine was done which does not show any major problemÖ What is my problem and how can I get rid of it? ... Read more
  • Keep blood sugar under control

    Dear Doctor, I'm 50 years old and have diabetes for the last 15 years. I take insulin every day in the morning. But, even after taking medicines and insulin continuously, I feel very tired. How can I get rid of this ? Please give me an appropriate advice. ... Read more