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Relieving back pain

👤FM Bureau 🕔01-June-2014
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Back pain is caused due to stress and tension in the muscles that support the spine. Sedentary lifestyle, overuse or under use of the back and postural mistakes are unconscious triggers to the widespread problem of back pain. Regular exercise is a redeeming feature that brings relief to back pain

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Backache strikes when the muscles are under fatigue, commonly at the neck or lumbar region (where most twisting, turning or bending occurs). Frequent backaches occur due to overstrained or over stretched muscles, improper sitting positions, stress, lumbar scoliosis and earlier injuries. Many conditions cause back pain and they can be treated with conscious and gentle yoga practice. It has proven to be a safe and effective way to alleviate many forms of back pain and prevent its recurring bouts. However, all cases of back pain need to be evaluated by a medical expert for diagnosis and treatment.

Yoga for upper and lower back pain

Lower back pain is caused due to excess sitting that can weaken the back muscle and results pain in your lower back. It may also be due to some other reasons like poor postural habit and sudden lifting of heavy objects, whereas upper back pain usually occurs between the neck and top of the lumbar spine. It is caused due to stress, anxiety, shoulder pain and neck pain. These symptoms can leads to stiffness and aching in your lower back and upper back of the body. Yoga is another form of exercise that will help relieve you from both lower and upper back pain. Practicing yoga poses and exercise movements will help to increase joint flexibility. It also helps to maintain and improved strength and flexibility in the hips, shoulder and neck movements.

Healing benefits

  • Yoga strengthens muscle groups. Many postures in yoga strengthen the back and abdominal muscles and help the body maintain a proper upright posture and movement. Stretching and relaxation reduces tension in stress carrying muscles. When these muscles are well conditioned, it helps to offset back pain.
  • Yoga eases lower back pain, by stretching and strengthening the muscles of the lower back. It increases blood circulation, which brings healing nutrients to the injured tissues. Yoga also helps maintain a natural curvature of the spine that is crucial in avoiding lower back pain.
  • Thus, Yoga is an excellent therapy for healing injured and sore back muscles, speeding time to recover from an injury and preventing re injury. It also reduces the risk of disability due to back pain. In short, Yoga increases awareness of the body and keeps the body healthy and supple.

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