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Prashob K P | 10-March-April-2013

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With quality healthcare, equity and compassion for all people, The Madras Medical Mission has become a hallmark of charitable medical care. Having less than two per cent mortality rate, the Mission has been making spirited efforts to ensure accessibility and affordability in quality healthcare in accordance with international standards  

By Prashob K P


What do The Madras Medical Mission (MMM) and the Greek God of Mysteries and Healing Dionysus have in common? A healing touch in their deeds. Madras Medical Mission took shape in 1982 with Bishop Zachariah Mar Dionysius’ initiative to promote a healthcare model based on compassion, care, and love. The Mission’s effort to set up a healthcare organisation came to fulfillment in June 1987 with the establishment of a cardiac care unit on the rented premises of another hospital in Chennai. After eight years, the Mission moved to its own premises at Mogappair, a suburb of Chennai city in 1995. And it made a grand entry into the healthcare sector with the inauguration of an eight-storey building by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, in the presence of Dr Christiaan Barnard, the world's first heart transplant surgeon, Dr Pantpis Sakornpant, a record-holder in terms of heart and lung transplants in Asia, and several doyens of the cardiac world such as Dr Dominique Metras of France, Sir Terrence English of the UK, Dr Richard Engelmen of the US, and Sir Donald Ross of the UK.


With the combined effort of health experts, practitioners and proper management guidance, this ISO 9001:2000 certified organisation has transformed itself into a centre of excellence in three decades. Today, it promotes some of the finest super specialty tertiary care medical institutions in India, with cutting edge technology and accomplished professionals. The reason why this organisation stands out in the Mecca of India's healthcare is that they rate qualitative treatment much more than anything else. “Irrespective of financial background, we ensure quality treatment for all and that makes the difference. Milking profit is not our motto, but profit is inevitable to meet quality,” says George Cherian M, Director, Administration, The Madras Medical Mission. The hospital has a strong management committee which comprises President, Vice President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. Decisions taken in the management committee are discussed in the board of directors meeting which includes 21 members, adds George.


World class facilities


Situated in the heart of city, the 256-bed Madras Medical Mission complex provides a tranquil environment with modern hi-tech and sophisticated infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology, very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. The hospital is equipped to treat every one - from neonates to nonagenarians. As we stepped into a beautiful prayer hall that adorned its windows with the symbols of 13 religions of the world, it became amply clear that the Mission offers healing of the spiritual kind as well. The magnificent modern new building resembles world class health care organisations. Operating rooms and intensive care areas are spacious and well equipped.


“The only challenge we are facing is the space constraints. The number of patients is increasing day-by-day and the hospital is facing constant challenges in accommodating them, especially in critical care,” says George. The equipment installed here are latest and upgraded versions. Our telemedicine network enables us to send and receive digital images, ensures connectivity with leading institutions for reference, George adds. The symbiosis of the work force is the key strength of the entire organisation. From the top to the bottom level, the entire focus is on patient safety and quality improvement. This kind of hospitality is provided by the organization which attracts patients from over 35 countries and India.


The hospital is backed by the most advanced laboratories performing complete range of investigative tests in the field of Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Bio-chemistry, Hematology, Transfusion Medicine and Microbiology. The hospital has a vast computer network of over 300 nodes linked through Ethernet, utilizing the latest IT tools to support the best care and service to the patients.


Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases


The Interventional Cardiology Department through its three state-of-the-art cineless catheterization laboratories has performed approximately 35,000 procedures. The end-stage heart failures are managed by Cardiac Electro Physiology Laboratory which is one of the few in India. More than 25,000 operations are named in the credit list of The Adult and Pediatric Surgical Departments, a rare achievement of very few hospitals in the world. In keeping with current techniques and technological advancements, Off Pump Coronary Artery Bypass (OPCAB) has come to be an important and common means of surgical revascularisation here.


The Paediatric Cardiac Surgical Department is a unique facility that handles the entire spectrum of congenital cardiac anomalies from neonates to infants and newborns to adolescents. The independent adult and paediatric intensive care units with its modern facilities of pendant systems, cardiac output monitoring and haemodialysis are comparable to the best in the world. The operation rooms, Intensive Care Units are also equipped with the most modern infection control measures in all areas inclusive of Air supply quality by using Hepa Filters, and laminar flows.


Institute of Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health


Patients for all types of gynaecological management, including Management of Sub-Fertility for both men and women, are taken care of with empathy, understanding and emotional support. “The best embryology lab in the country is here to provide high technique assisted treatment for couples in need of the same. The Assisted Conception Clinic which is a forerunner of hope for childless couples functions in keeping with the international code of ethics with high success rates. In the short span of five years, the institute has 350 successful IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) cycles to its credit,” says George.


Institute of Kidney Diseases, Urology & Organ Transplantation

The Chennai Transplant Centre, an out sourced service under the MMM umbrella, has now been fully integrated with MMM and is now known as IKUOT [Institute of Kidney Diseases, Urology and Organ Transplantation.) IKUOT has successfully conducted 32 renal transplantations..

Nephrologists have started a peritoneal dialysis training programme, a first of its kind in Chennai. The Haemodialysis department has shown marked increase in the number of dialysis. Our very own Urology department has commenced operations. The infrastructure of the unit has been obtained to surgically treat diseases of the genitourinary system, including urinary tract stones, cancers and congenital anomalies, laparoscopic equipment with latest three chip HD video technology and ultrasonic dissectors are used for the state-of-the–art key-hole urological extirpative and reconstructive surgeries on the kidney, bladder and prostate. The unit is equipped with the latest bipolar device to vaporise prostate with very minimal blood loss,” says George.   

Institute of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases

This institute is a centre of excellence providing comprehensive, compassionate care at optimal cost for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients with gastrointestinal and liver diseases. The institute is equipped with state of the art technology which includes endoscopic ultrasound (cancer staging, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of bileduct and pancreas) capsule endoscopy (evaluation of small intestinal diseases) argon laser (treatment of stomach and intestinal bleeding) high resolution manometry, pH, impedance(diagnosis of refractory heartburn and motility disorders of esophagus), ERCP with C-arm(treatment of bile duct and pancreatic diseases) and standard endoscopes for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of esophagus, stomach and large intestine.

The Institute has a competent multi-disciplinary team which includes medical gastroenterologist, surgical gastroenterologist, intensivist, GI pathologist, and GI radiologist and support staff.

Educational Programmes under MMM

Apart from the healthcare, MMM is molding young minds for exploring the future needs of medicine through its educational programmes. “The Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences imparts comprehensive and quality medical education with ethical values. The institute is steadily making progress in its quest to provide commendable health care services to the needy and to train students to become world-class physicians,” says George.

The MMM College of Health Sciences (CHS) is an educational unit of the MMM excelling in the conduct of regular UG and PG allied health sciences courses.

The MMM college of Nursing aims at preparing graduates to assume responsibility as professional, competent nurses and midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. CHS and nursing college are affiliated to The Tamil Nadu DR MGR Medical University. Scholars of CHS are provided theoretical knowledge, alongside functional domain exposure.

Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) in all sectors of healthcare industry ensures their industry worthiness and industry reduction.  Distance learning programmes by the MMM College of Health Sciences in collaboration with Sikkim Manipal University helps working professionals to update their knowledge enhancement, job enrichment and also helps for promotional opportunities.   

Healing touch

“Out of our total build up revenue, seven per cent is utilized for charity and social welfare activities. Regular health campaigns and awareness seminars are conducted under the guidance of specialist doctors. Fully equipped mobile diagnostic clinics are running through the rural areas for providing treatment,” adds George. Most of the doctors are very keen on these kinds of activities apart from their routine work. Social activities are managed by medical social work department which is headed by two chapalin. With the help of medical students, the social work department identifies the needy one and makes them avail of treatments. Medical camps are conducted regularly in sub-urban areas of Chennai and Pondicherry for the deprived.


The Madras Medical Mission has to its credit several major pioneering and innovative achievements in the field of multi-organ transplantation and transmyocardial revascularization, including the first heart transplant in the private sector, India’s first bi-lateral lung transplant, the country’s first paediatric heart transplantation, India’s first heart and lung transplant and small bowel transplant. Extending beyond the national boundaries of India, international collaborations with the developing countries to participate in their healthcare delivery and that of developed countries is becoming the norm for The Madras Medical Mission.


MOUs have been signed with, to mention a few, the International Children’s Heart Foundation, Memphis, Tennessee, US, Bethesda Heart Centre at Nigeria for Save a Child’s Heart Project, Nawaloka Hospital, Sri Lanka, and several other countries. The Mission also entered into a public–private partnership with the Ministries of Health and Family Welfare of several countries, including Tanzania, Seychelles, Bangladesh, Fiji, Bahrain, Maldives and Rwanda for treatment of their patients as also for training of their medical and paramedical professionals.


Apart from all the theories and practices of industrious work force, spiritual atmosphere of the organisation creates a great healing touch.


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