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👤Reshma K S 🕔31/7/2015
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Who does not like good food made at home by mother? The answer is simple. Nobody. Yummy Kitchen’  is an innovative enterprise by a bored housewife for those who  love home-made good food in Kochi. Nandini Das Kammath talks about her venture and how it became talk of the town


“What you get is fresh food made to your order. Give our moms time to plan and cook food for you”, it’s appeared on the  site of a home=made food serving venture in Kochi and it’s none other than ‘Yummy Kitchen’ which  was  launched in November, 2014 by Nandini Das Kammath. She is not just a boss or one of the cooks, she co-ordinates and takes the orders and inform the respective chefs.
What people like at Yummy Kitchen is that the food is home- cooked. The rates are reasonable. There is also an added advantage of getting the  food that suits  your taste. If we want a particular dish to be spicy, Yummy kitchen will cook it that way as it is cooked in our house.

When Nandini thought of homemade food and making it  available on order, the success stories of IT professionals were on her mind. She loved to read such stories and got inspired by them. She loved cooking and she chose it to realize her dream to be a successful entrepreneur.

“A lady can come up with some ideas, but alone she can’t translate it into action. She needs strong support. Fortunately, I had a great support from my husband Regil Das and children”, says Nandini.

There was nothing special to do after the marriage of her daughter, Krishna. Mind was empty and she just thought that there were several ladies like this with a passion for cooking. Nandini’s aim was to escape from the boredom at home, and decided to do something good for the public and also to earn an extra income.  She grew up in a business family and so business was in her blood. 

When the matter came up for discussion at home,  her husband Regil  asked her to write down her plans first. Her son Achuth Govind named the project ‘Yummy Kitchen’. Regil’s staff designed a site for “Yummy Kitchen”.

Her only condition while selecting chefs was that they should have passion for cooking. Now there are 10 lady chefs from around Fort Kochi, Kadavanthra, Kakkanad, EdappallyThevara and so on.  They proved they are all good cooks. She just selected some items  they  can cook well on a regular basis. 

Yummy Kitchen offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is not so simple to be a part of Yummy Kitchen. If one informed her interest to be a part of it Nandini visits her home one day and ensure the quality of the food she prepared neatness of the kitchen.

One of the major obstacles was prompt delivery. It w as then that she noticed a firm launched by two students who provided delivery boys. They would collect the cooked food and deliver it at the destination. “They were very helpful and we are very thankful to both,” she says.

Nandini says the highlight of Yummy Kitchen is that it will never empty your pockets.  The price starts from Rs 7 and ends with Rs 600. “Most of our dishes cost even less than that of hotels. Yummy Kitchen  charges minimum Rs 35 for delivery and it varies depending on the destination. 

There are about 110 food items. It offers a variety of dishes, including apart from Kerala, North Indian, Gujarati and Jain dishes. Kerala breakfast includes puttu,appam and idiyappam with vegetable or chicken curry, lunch (biriyani, pulao or pothichoru). She is so happy and proud to say that they serve healthy and homely foods and a Jain food will come only from a Jain family and Panjabi foods from a Panjabi family. Yummies never serves instant food.  The delivery areas at present are around Kochi city and Kakkanad area.

Minimum plates are 4 to Kaloor, Palarivattom, Edappally and Kakkanad. Yummies are not ready for any compromise and the orders should place for a fixed time. Yummy kitchens accept telephonic orders from 8.30AM to 7PM. Encourage customers to place orders through the web site which runs 24 hours. Customers have to inform dishes and its quantities, delivery address from 7PM to 8.30 AM. Now, the minimum order is 4 plates for any dish.  In the starting period, Yummy kitchen have served one plate also.

Yummy Kitchen gives priority to family orders. The customers are very different.

Payment is mostly on cash-on-delivery system, there are also plans to introduce online payment. Yummies will soon open branches at Aluva, Edappally and Kakkanad, Nandini says.

One can book his/her favourite dish at 9497464889. Orders can be placed through calls, on the website or through mail.The website is, www.yummykitchens.in.

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