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👤FM Team 🕔11/12/2014
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A treat for the heart, skin and mood

By JasneetKaur

Since time immemorial, chocolates have been relished by mankind and till date the consumption of chocolates has only escalated. Thanks to the unique ability of chocolates to satiate the taste buds and induce a feel-good-factor that transports one to a different world.

There is a very fine line which differentiates between a chocolate being beneficial and the same being harmful. It has been scientifically proven that cocoa in dark chocolates help in reducing risks of cancer and heart disease. It improves the cardiovascular health, regulates blood pressure and also assists the energy metabolism. Apart from this, chocolates help in building a razor-sharp memory. Scientists at the Harvard Medical School have suggested that consuming two cups of hot chocolate daily helps in building a healthy brain and memory, by increasing the blood flow in the main parts of the brain.

Also chocolates to an extent, aid in the prevention of a stroke. A few years back, a fount of Canadian scientists conducted a study involving 50,000 people and concluded that people consuming chocolates were 22% less likely to suffer from a stroke than those who didn’t.

Now if we look at the cons, chocolate being the sweet delicacy is high in calories as it contains a huge amount of sugar. An augmented consumption of the same can cause diabetes. People suffering from weight gain and those who wish to regulate their weight should limit their chocolate intake. The immense sugar content in chocolates can be a cause of tooth decay as well.

Chocolate for the heart: Cocoa contains a good amount of flavanoids which are naturally produced plant substances. These keep the platelets less sticky, hence declining the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Chocolate for the mood: As per Kristin Kirkpatrick, You Beauty nutrition advisor, dark chocolates eases the blood vessels which bring down the blood pressure. Many studies also say that dark chocolate is mood-uplifting as it spikes the production of neuro-transmitters which enhances the mood.


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