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FM Team | 29/10/2014

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Save your skin

It is said that skin reflects the body health hence it is necessary to keep it clean and disease-free. As we live through different climates every year, we have to take precautions to keep our body and its seven-layer cover healthy. A look at what Ayurveda can offer in this regard

  According to Ayurveda, summer and climate changes are two main causative factors of skin problems. To ensure your skin remains healthy in this scorching heat and changes, you need to take good care of it by using the right herbs and Ayurvedic remedies.

According to Sushruta Samhita, an ancient Ayurvedic textbook, the skin is made of seven layers. Vitiation of the doshas affects one or more of these layers, giving rise to different skin diseases. The list of seven layers of skin and diseases which originate from them are as follows:


Layer                           Name                    Disease caused


First                  Avabhasini                     Pimples, Acne

Second            Lohita                             Moles, Dark Circles, Black Pigmentation

Third                 Shweta                         Eczema, Allergic Rashes

Fourth   Tamra                             Different types of Leprosy

Fifth                 Vedini                             Herpes

Sixth                Rohini                              Cancer, Tumor, Elephantiasis

Seventh        Mamsadhara           Abscess, Fistula

Tackle skin damage with Ayurveda

Excessive exposure to skin in summer damages the skin. The qualities of the sun correspond to the attributes of the Pitta Dosha and this is why, most people face Pitta-related skin problems in this season. To prevent the rays of the sun from damaging the skin, apply a good herbal sunscreen lotion (preferably containing Aloe Vera) on exposed parts of the body. Wear full-armed cotton clothes, hat and sunglasses when you move out in the sun. Also, drink plenty of water to keep the skin moisturised and replenish the fluid lost due to perspiration.

In order to prevent dry skin, make sure to moisten the skin regularly. Stop the use of harsh soaps and instead go for herbal soaps or mild cleansers. Applying Aloe Vera gel after bath can also be helpful. To soothe dry skin, you can try this excellent.

Home remedy: Mash half an avocado or papaya and mix it with few drops of fresh lime juice and spread this paste over the cleansed skin. Leave it untouched for about 10-15 minutes. Then, wash the skin alternatively with warm and cold water. You can do it once or twice a week.

Air pollution

To counter the effects of air pollution, apply a good herbal moisturiser that can act as a barrier between the skin and pollutants. Also, remember to cleanse the skin properly using rose water when you are back home. You can also try this.

Home remedy: Take 1 tbsp of un-boiled milk, dip a small pad of cotton wool in this and rub on the face gently. Leave this on for 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Diet and lifestyle

Faulty dietary habits and irregular lifestyles are invariably one of the topmost reasons for skin problems. Most people today consume junk and packaged food in excess, do not exercise daily, spend long hours sitting in one position, and don’t have a fixed sleep schedule. Moreover, due to the increasing competition and expenses, most of us lead stressful lives. This results in Pitta and vata aggravation, which in turn leads to diminished glow of skin, dark circles, wrinkles, acne, blackheads, and decreased blood circulation.


To ensure that your skin retains its healthy glow, you will have to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. The following tips can be helpful:


Go to bed by 10pm and get up by 6am. The time after 10pm is known as Pitta time, and if you stay awake in those hours, you could fall prey to Pitta imbalance. Get at least 7- 8 hours of sleep daily.

Exercise for at least 15-30 minutes daily, preferably in the outdoors. It improves the circulation of blood and ensures that your vital body organs get ample Prana Vayu (life-giving oxygen). Moreover, when you exercise, the body sweats profusely, helping your skin breathe freely.

Drink plenty of fresh water daily as it helps to eliminate toxins and keep your digestive system strong. It also helps in preventing dehydration by balancing the water content in our body.

Let fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit juices and salads occupy major portion of diet as they have high nutritive value and provide glow to the skin.

Avoid sweets, chocolates, junk food, deep fried, oily and spicy foods, tobacco, drugs and alcohol as they are known to aggravate Pitta Dosha.


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