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Quit smoking

👤Dr Muhammed Ashraf 🕔21/10/2014
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Quit smoking

Dear Doctor,

I am a 32- year- old, working in a reputed bank abroad. I have been married for  five years now but we have not been able to complete our family. We have been trying for the past three years and consulted a few doctors for a solution to this issue. But we have not been able to elicit any results from all the routine consultations. After the tests and diagnosis my wife was normal and had no issues at all but apparently I have some problems in the semen sample and I have been taking medicines for more than a year for this now. Meanwhile I think it’s worthy to mention that consequential of work pressure I used to smoke but have never used alcohol. We are very emotionally stressed .Please help us solve this issue -

Rajeev Nath/UAE

 Dear Rajeev,

First of all I would like to tell you . Being stressed and taking tension are the first things to avoid when you are facing such an issue. You have been married for 5 years which is comparatively a lesser period of time when we look at cases that come to us. But good that you decided to take this seriously now. Even at work I suggest you try and reduced stressful situations to get better results for whatever medication and treatment you undergo. Coming to your issue, from your mail there seems to be an issue in your semen. However, as the diagnosis is missing   , it is difficult to exactly know what the issue is. Usually there are many reasons for abnormal semen parameters. In some cases there will be changes that occur in the fertility hormones so a latest detailed hormonal study is very important to pinpoint the real issue here. But more importantly that life style changes are now increasingly seen to cause problems of infertility. Studies show that nicotine is found in the eggs of a woman if her husband is a smoker. So you have to completely quit habits of smoking and alcohol if you are seriously trying for a family. In your mail it is not mentioned what your weight is and your partners weight is .Obesity is a major detrimental factor that can cause infertility. So get a controlled lifestyle, consult a good clinic with all allied facilities available under one roof .Meanwhile it would be good to look for a case of Variocele and if all these factors are corrected a right attempt of ART can give you the desired results

Dr Muhammed Ashraf – Infertility

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