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FM Team | 17/10/2014

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A wholesome fruit

Banana is one fruit which is available across the world all the seasons and loved by all.  It is not only cheap, but is also delicious and highly nutritious. A look at its health benefits


Consumption of just one banana every day makes one feel energetic.

This nutrient rich food is most appropriate to eat when one’s body is weak and there is an aversion to food. It is also good for people suffering from fever.

It is heart protective, helps to maintain normal blood pressure and enhances bone health because of its rich potassium and magnesium content. 

It has an antacid effect which helps to protect against stomach ulcers. Banana helps counteract the urinary calcium caused due to an increase ion and potassium levels in the urine.

It is known to stimulate cell proliferation which thickens the stomach mucosa and is a barrier against stomach acids. The fatty acid content in it helps the cells lining the intestinal tract to stay healthy.

It is also one of the ideal foods to eat immediately after a strenuous workout. The simple sugar present in it quickly provides energy and normalizes the blood sugar levels.

Bananas can be eaten whole, as part of a salad, as a healthy beverage or as a vegetable.


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