Medcare Launches Centre-of-Excellence for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Dubai

FM Desk | 05/05/2014

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Dubai:  Medcare, a leading premium private medical provider in the UAE has launched the Medcare Physio and Rehab Centre, a state-of-the-art Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre-of-excellence, in the Emirate of Dubai. The facility has been set up to compliment and support Medcare Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital and with the aim to offer comprehensive Physiotherapy, fully-fledged Rehabilitation Program, Sports Injury Care, Advanced Joint Care, Post Operative Assessment and Mobility. It also additionally provides services such as Advanced Neuro-Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Advanced Paediatric Rehabilitation with full fledged Sensory Centre.

Speaking at the launch, Alisha Moopen, Director of Aster DM Healthcare, said: “The Centre is equipped with the latest specialised equipment to undertake rehabilitation for all physical injuries, deformities and ailments. It is a unique concept that caters to the entire community of Dubai and adjoining Emirates. The facility is operated by a team of highly skilled therapists with a leading Physiatrist on board. Tapping into the growing demand for a specialised rehabilitation centre, the Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre is the first-of-its-kind facility offering a comprehensive range of rehabilitation therapies under one roof.”

Medcare is part of the leading healthcare conglomerate, Aster DM Healthcare. The Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre was officially inaugurated today by H.E. Mr. Cheong Ming Foong – Consul General of Singapore, Mr. Shamsudheen A.P. – Director, Regency Group and Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare, amongst other senior officials of the Group.

Speaking at the launch of the Centre, Dr. Moopen said: “We are very pleased to launch Medcare Physio and Rehab Centre in the UAE. Post many illnesses, physical trauma or injury, it is very important for patients to undergo the right treatment to ensure complete recovery. With sports and games a part of the culture of the country, a Physio and Rehab Centre will have huge significance. With any person, be it a heart patient or someone facing physical challenges or injuries, the right focused care is important. We are happy to be able to offer this rehabilitation facility to patients under one roof, which is both convenient and comprehensive. We believe in a holistic approach looking at the body as a whole and accordingly customize the treatment plan for our patients. The clinic will offer an effective and integrated service with state of the art equipment complimented by highly skilled doctors, physiotherapists and paramedical staff,” he added.

Strategically located in the heart of Dubai to offer easy access to all areas of the UAE, the Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre is located at Al Safa, Sheikh Zayed Road, in close proximity of the Medcare Hospital as well as the Medcare Orthopaedics and Spine Hospital. 

Speaking on the launch, Ala Atari, CEO of Medcare & Vice President of Aster DM Healthcare, said: “We are very pleased to launch the Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre. This is a highly-specialised state-of-the art facility that offers a comprehensive range of rehabilitation therapies to help relieve pain and ensure healing for the patients. Our aim is to help recuperate completely and minimise any risk of long-term pain or re-injury.”

As one of the largest private outpatient physio & rehab facilities in the region, the Medcare Physio & Rehab Centre is sprawled across 15,000 square feet.  The Centre is equipped with the most advanced technology including the Anti Gravity Locomotion Simulator, the latest treadmill technology from NASA designed to simulate walking in anti gravity and 3D Newton machine which is 1st of its kind in the region to treat and train trunk muscles. The other advanced equipments include Gait Analysis machine, Decompression machines, laser machine and Shockwave machine to treat tendon injuries, he added.

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