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FM Bureau | 01-March-2014

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There are different types of contact lenses, including the disposable ones, in the market. A user should know which is good and which is not...

By FM Bureau

  • Dont opt for brands without consulting your eye care professional. The water content and the shape of brands may differ. It is not advisable to change the brand you are comfortable with. Frequent change of brands should be avoided.
  • While choosing a contact lens, factors such as quality, suitability and guarantee are important. Insist on a receipt and guarantee.
  • In the case of disposable contact lenses, dont use them beyond the recommended period. Replace the contact lenses in time to avoid any harm. Also dont use an old prescription while buying new ones meant for long-term use. As per regulations, prescriptions expire after a limited period.
  • Use contact lenses even if you use glasses regularly. For sports and other hectic activities, daily disposable contact lenses may be more convenient. Such contact lenses are not expensive.
  • Dont try to modify the contact lenses in any manner. For example, dont try to tint them with colours. It may lead to infections. Contact lenses are best as they come.
  • Dont neglect any discomfort caused by contact lenses. Consult eye care professional immediately as there might be ulceration which may lead to infection if left unattended. Serious infections if not treated in time may lead to permanent impairment of vision.
  • Consult your eye care professional in case you are not satisfied with your contact lenses. These days, due to rapid technological advancements, many types of contact lenses, including bifocals, are available. With a wide range of contact lenses available, you can easily find one that suits you.
  • Dont share your contact lenses with anyone. Contact lenses are meant to be used by a single person and are not meant sharing in any case even for a short while. It is unhygienic and there is danger of contracting infections. Moreover, all contact lenses do not suit everyone.
  • Allow teenagers to use contact lenses if they want to. There is no harm in using them if proper care is taken.
  • Do read the manufacturers instructions thoroughly and take proper care of your contact lenses. Use only recommended cleaning solutions and never reuse them.


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