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👤Shalet James 🕔01-March-2014
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Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences’ success journey continues in the area of infertility treatment helping several childless families to have healthy children

By Shalet James 

The sedentary lifestyle and eating-out culture have made people prone to many lifestyle diseases. When we look at the health issues that people face today, infertility seems to be the major problem, creating apprehension in society. Bringing hopes to several childless families, Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences in Kochi continues to serve childless couples through its fertility treatments.

Founded by Dr NP Vijayalakshmy in 1996 and based in Kadavanthra, Kochi, Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences has the distinction of achieving the first Test tube baby in Kerala. It was in 1997 that triplet Test tube babies were born through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) at the centre.    

The chief ART specialist of the centre, Dr Vijayalakshmy started this hospital in a small way and later expanded the facility to offer world class service to infertile couples.

I have worked in different medical colleges in Kerala and met many couples who had infertility problems. In the 1980s, childless couples were seeking treatments for infertility in other states as fertility hospitals were very few in Kerala. Then I decided to start a fertility centre somewhere in the state and provide the best available treatment to the patients, says Dr NP Vijayalakshmy, Managing Director, Founder, Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences, adding that the triplets who were born in 1997 have grown up and have celebrated their 16th birthday. I am extremely happy on seeing them.    

Vijaya Institute is the first fertility centre in the state to successfully conduct IVF (test tube baby) and other ARTs that include IVF, ICSI, PESA and TESA/ICSI/ET.

With thousands of babies born in this centre through infertility treatments, Vijaya is among the first few centres in India to successfully achieve pregnancies using the ICSI technique. With a success rate of 45%, this centre has carried out thousands of treatment cycles of IVF and ICSI. More than 20,000 intrauterine insemination cycles have been carried out with a success rate of 22 to 25%. It has also carried out thousands of laparoscopies for severe endometriosis, PCOD, myomas and hysteroscopy for uterine septolysis, sub mucus myomas removal, intrauterine adhesion, adhesolyis, polypectomy etc.

We conduct orientation programmes here. The couples are educated on the ovulation and also on the whole process. With this, they get a clear idea and then in the counselling section, we come to understand their problems, and treatments are suggested accordingly. Only after complete evaluation and counselling, a procedure suitable for the couple is decided. ART is the last line of treatment. We make couples understand how the cost of treatment is calculated. We always encourage outpatient procedure and if it is absolutely necessary, they are made to stay in the hospital, says Dr Vijayalakshmy. 

The centre also has a relaxation programme headed by psychologist Dr Sindu. The programme gives couples an opportunity to speak to the doctor about their problems. Couples who cannot conceive naturally or cant have a baby with all available fertility treatments can opt for surrogacy programme. Erectile and ejaculatory dysfunctions are seen in men because of stress. Today, women are also boozing and smoking. It can create lots of problems adds Dr Vijayalakshmy. Plans are there to start research and establish the centre as a full-fledged unit for infertility treatments with a promise to deliver healthy babies to numerous childless couples.   

Dr N P Vijayalakshmy, MD, DGO, FASRM, is the chief ART specialist at Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. She pioneered the IVF treatment in Kerala by starting the first IVF centre- The Vijaya Fertility IVF and Endoscopy Centre. Dr Vijayalakshmy started her career as a lecturer in 1975.

Infertility treatment options

  • Male evaluation
  • Female evaluation
  • Ovulation induction
  • Artificial insemination
  • Intrauterine insemination

Assisted Reproductive Technology


Donor programme

  • Egg donation
  • Sperm donation
  • Embryo donation

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