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FM Bureau | 01-July-2014

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Parenthood is a tough job, and technology which has made things easier otherwise, has turned parenting into a bigger challenge that is even more strenuous and exhaustive than any other. For all those who are currently struggling somewhere between monitoring your child and trying to build a connection with the kid, here’s a lifesaver –the seven things you should say to your kid and seven you shouldn’t

By FM Bureau

Parents, often unintentionally blurt out stuff that comes in the wrong way and makes an argument turn ugly. So, to make things easier, weve listed down seven things you shouldnt say to your child, and seven things that you should, to build a better relationship with your kid, alongside teaching the child to act responsibly.

Things you SHOULD say to your kid

What do you think?

Authority over a decision is important, especially for a teenage kid. Merely asking him about his views will make him realise that you care enough to ask for his opinion, even if you dont follow everything he says.

I’m glad you are mine

Remember that kids are growing out through their protective shells as they reach adolescence. During such an age, it is important to make your child feel loved, and respected achievements, big or small.

Do you need a hug?

Growing up can be tough and broken hearts (and broken iphones) just add to it. There may be a time when your kid might feel vulnerable and sensitive; at such times, dont just ask if your child needs a hug, just hug the kid.

I trust you

Trust shouldnt be played around with, and once you are done explaining this to your kid, say these three words out loud.

I am proud of you

Encouraging your child can always play a major role in strengthening the parent-kid bond. Let your kid know of how proud you are of the person your kid is turning into.

You are so cool

 The word cool works with every kid. It boosts confidence, makes your kid open up to you, and does so much more.

I love you

Dont limit these three eternal words to your spouse. Save it for your kids at some special occasions. It is bound to make your kid melt and feel close to you.

Things you definitely SHOULdN’T-

Why can’t you be more like____?

Weve heard enough cases of suicides due to peer pressure, parental pressure and comparison hitting the tabloids to stop using this sentence.

You always do this

Scolding your child for petty mistakes is the first thing you need to stop doing. Take it easy. Your kid is still a kid.

I told you so

So your kid did something you told him not to, and then fell into trouble. The I told you so seems to be the perfect way to make your kid realise a mistake at such a point, but actually, aggravates your child. Your child  may then either continue doing forbidden things, or do nothing at all and turn submissive. 

Because I said so

This sentence robs your kid of the much-needed authority and could push your child to do worse things in anger.

Don’t worry

This may seem really unreasonable, but its a major mistake most of us do. Saying dont worry to your kid will make the child think that you are ignoring the childs feelings and concerns. Handle such a situation with care, and use a more positive approach.

Don’t do it like this

Every individual has his/her own style of doing things. So if your kid tends to pick up facts more quickly by writing it down, allow the child to do so.

Don’t hang out with____

Friends are important to growing kids, and forcing your child to make friends with a particular group of kids will narrow your childs mind and drive the kid further away from anything you say. If you are sure your kid is in the wrong company, explain how mingling with the wrong people can affect your child, and how it may end up horribly.

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