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FM Bureau | 01-June-2014

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A detailed history of the man’s sex habits, prior sexual trysts, as well as that of the partner must be elicited while treating a couple affected by premature ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation or PE as it is commonly known is a sexual dysfunction affecting young men aged below 40 years. It could be simply explained by saying that it is the male climax or ejaculation occurring before either of the partner is ready for it. In colloquial terms, it could be described as coming within six thrusts or coming within two minutes.

It is very often thought to be psychological in origin, where a man who is very anxious or has oversensitive genitals ejaculates before penetration or soon after penetration and that it does not yield the desired satisfaction to the couple. When such a situation leads to frustration, lack of enjoyment from sex, and finally depression, it is deemed to be a case of premature ejaculation.

The condition has been linked to instances of abuse or traumatic experiences related to sex in childhood or anxious individuals. It could at times be secondary to hormonal problems or problems related to the prostate gland. 

A detailed history of the mans sex habits, prior sexual trysts, as well as that of the partner must be elicited while treating a couple affected by premature ejaculation. 

Sometimes, it could be an instance of the female partner taking a rather too long time to climax, or not climaxing at all, as opposed to a man ejaculating prematurely. An examination of the male usually does not reveal any abnormality.

Treatment lies in both partners understanding the problem, and approaching it in a relaxed manner. Various exercises, positions and maneuvers are recommended to delay the ejaculation for that wee bit longer. 

Medications useful for this condition are the anti-depressants, which actually delay ejaculation as a side-effect and not as a primary effect. local anesthetic creams are available which when applied over the penis, numb it and thereby delay the stimulation and ejaculation process. 

Though research is on for better drugs, nothing can surpass an easy attitude, understanding and patient approach to this problem. Healing old emotional scars, perhaps with the help of a psychologist, also goes a long way in overcoming this problem.   

Female sexual dysfunction  

Female sexual dysfunction is defined as persistent and recurrent problems with sexual response or desire seen in women.

Women experience problems with sexual function at some point in their lives. Sexual dysfunction is quite common affecting almost 30-50% of women globally.

Sexual activity incorporates interpersonal relationships, each partner bringing unique attitudes, needs and responses into the coupling. A breakdown in any of these areas may lead to sexual dysfunction. This can be a lifelong problem, or it can happen later in life.

Female sexual dysfunction may be due to a number of causes. Traumatic injury to the genitals or pelvic region, surgical intervention, extensive bike riding, underlying medical conditions, hormonal imbalance, and medications can cause sexual dysfunction.  

The American Psychological Association (APA) classifies female sexual problems as-

  • Mental disorder - loss of sexual desire or arousal 
  • Discomfort during intercourse
  • Diminished blood flow to the vagina
  • Trauma-related aversion to sex
  • Inability to achieve orgasm

Almost all causes of sexual dysfunction are treatable. Communicating the concerns and understanding one’s body and its normal response to sexual activity are important steps toward gaining sexual satisfaction.

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